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Get Engaged in Your Work to Win with Money!

Personal finance and getting out of debt is not just about what you do at home, but can also be impacted by your work.  There is plenty of evidence that shows people who perform at a high level at work tend to earn more than poor performers, which could lead to having more financial resources to throw at your debt.  In this week’s blog we focus on some of the factors that lead to higher work engagement, and what you can do to boost your engagement and / or those who work for you. 

Let’s start with a basic definition of what it means to be engaged in your work. 

Scott routinely works with business leaders who are trying to boost their engagement and the engagement of their employees.  One simple test he prescribes to measure engagement starts with taking a post-it note and placing it somewhere it will be seen each day (i.e. bathroom mirror, night stand, dashboard, computer monitor).  Next, the participant puts a check mark on one side or the...

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