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Wealth Building by Going Green

This blog kicks off a series we'll be adding to over the next few months focused on building wealth by "Going Green".  The YourDictionary.com site defines Going Green as making more environmentally friendly decisions such as to "reduce, reuse and recycle." 

How can going green lead to building wealth? 

Let's explore this question by stepping through the process we recently went through to contract the installation of a solar system on our property.

Going Solar to Build Wealth

For us, going green is becoming more a reality as we just signed a contract to install solar panels on our barn to power our home.  One potential wealth killer is the price we pay for power in California where we live.  We weren't totally shocked, but it was still an eye-opener when we received our first electrical bill that was over $1,000! 

Technically, the bill was for a month and a half since we moved into our new home mid-August, however, the total bill for September...

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