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5 Ways to Stay Positive with Six-Figure Debt

One of the greatest challenges, once you decide you want to be free of your debt, is keeping a positive attitude over the years it often takes to find freedom.  This post is focused on five practical ways to keep a smile on your face as you walk the path to becoming a debt-free millionaire doctor.  We begin with a story many of you can probably relate to.


The day had come when Janet’s hard work was finally going to pay off.  During the last 12 years she had completed a degree in biology, achieved an MD, and was now about to finish four years of residency.  The hundred plus hour weeks of studying and working were about to come to an end.  A new chapter was beginning as Janet was set to start a new job as an attending physician at a hospital in her hometown on Monday.

She was excited to be going back home and surrounded by family that she had missed during her years of education and training.  Finally, her life was beginning to slow...

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