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Burning Your Financial Boats!

Legend has it that Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés issued a challenging order to his men as they sought to overtake the Aztec empire in 1519.  His order was actually rather simple, but not so easy:

Burn the boats!

He ordered his men to burn the boats they had sailed from Spain in because they had to be all in to win the battle they faced.  He proposed that after they won the battle they would use the boats of the Aztecs to sail back home.

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According to the legend they won the battle.  They really had no choice.  Win the battle or die trying.

While becoming a DFMD doesn't require dying, we can learn from Cortés and his approach for going all in to win.  Burning your financial "boats" can be a positive step forward toward going all in to win.

So, what are some financial boats you might need to burn?

Here's four boats we suggest you consider burning as you work toward becoming a DFMD.  

Boat #1 - Credit Cards


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