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Taking Control of What You Can Control

During these challenging times it's easy to find yourself worrying about the future.  Many of you may be working fewer hours or no hours at all depending on your specialty.  In a recent survey, over 40% of medical professionals stated they were working fewer hours and were worried about their economic future.

While there is reason to be concerned, there is only so much you can do about it.  This has some similarities to the social distancing we're being asked to implement into our lives by staying at least 6 feet from one another.  We can help limit the spread of the virus, but we can't totally control it.

In a similar perspective, we can look at our lives in aspects we can control and others we have no control over.  We call it the Circle of Control, which is illustrated below.

If you were to draw circles around your life they'd look something like this illustration.

The first circle, at which you stand in the center, is your circle of control.  There...

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