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Medscape Physician Wealth Report Review

Have you ever wondered how you stack up financially against other physicians? 

Maybe you've wondered how your net worth compares to other doctors your age. 

Perhaps you wonder who's still paying off student loans, or maybe how big a mortgage a typical physician might have. 

Regardless of the questions or curiosity you might have, what we aim to share in this blog is not a competition of you against other doc's, but instead a look inside the thoughts and numbers of other physicians to see how your problems may not be unique to you, but instead how your financial struggles are likely similar to other physicians.

First, let's look at who responded to this survey so you can get some insight into the sample size and method used.

Next, let's look at net worth by age.  Remember, net worth is what you own minus what you owe.  For example, if you have $600,000 in debt (i.e. mortgage, student loans, cars, credit cards) and you have $400,000 in assets (i.e. home...

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