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DFMD Core Principle 2: Developing a DFMD Mindset

This week we continue to build on our Core Principle series that we kicked off last month with the first core principle of redefining affordability.  In a nutshell, the first core principle centers on changing your definition of being able to afford something not as being able to make the monthly payment, but instead being able to pay cash for what you want.

As a quick refresher, DFMD Core Principles are beliefs, mindsets, perspectives, and values that are vital in living a debt-free life.  We believe without adherence to the core principles it's not likely you will become a DFMD, or more importantly, continue to be a DFMD once you've become one.

In this blog we will discuss the second core principle of developing a new mindset when it comes to money - a DFMD mindset. 

Think differently.

If you wanted to be the best physician in your specialty what would you do? 

There are many things you might consider such as joining a professional association, going...

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