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4 Reasons to Have or Not Have Joint Accounts

Recently, Jana came across an article on keeping separate accounts after you get married.  What do you think?  Is it a good idea to keep separate accounts?  The article cites research that states 28% of millennials are keeping separate accounts, which is nearly double the number of Gen X and baby boomer couples, so there’s definitely a shift in how couples are managing their personal finances.  In this blog let’s explore the plusses and minuses to having separate accounts.

This topic is something that comes up frequently in conversations regarding marriage and money.  A number of years back Scott was on a trip with a number of couples and one day when the group stopped at an ATM to get cash to pay Scott for the house they were renting one of the couples each stepped up to the machine to get their individual share of the rental cost.  When Scott inquired about why one of them didn’t just pay their entire share (Scott’s kind of...

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