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Getting on The Same Page: 5 ways to start the process of getting your spouse on-board with getting out of debt.

One of the most common challenges we hear about couples working to get out of debt is that one of the couple is not totally bought into getting out of debt.  While it is still possible to get out of debt working by yourself, most likely you won't stay debt-free very long if your spouse is not on the same page when it comes to money.  In this blog we share five simple things you can do with your spouse to begin the debt-free millionaire doctor journey.

#1: Start with why.

Starting with why has become a bit cliche ever since Simon Sinek's book Start with Why was published a decade ago, but the logic still holds true in that you need to start with the reason(s) why you want to become debt free.  Skipping this step doesn't mean you won't find success, but as the challenges come in your debt-free journey it will be much easier to stop when there's no reason to persevere.

The end of the year is a great time to start the process of determining your why.  Consider...

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