Values: The Foundation of Life and Money

What we value drives much of what we do in life.  In some sense our values are one of the only things that no one can take away from us.  However, few people have spent any time in their life thinking about their personal values.  Rarely have we come in contact with families who can describe specific values they as a family live out each day.  Regardless if we have written them down or even thought about our values, we all have them, and this post centers on how to harness the power of values, specifically family values, to help shape and guide your life and finances.

What are values?

Let’s start with a basic description of what values are and are not.  Values are characteristics and behaviors that describe who we are and what is important to us.  They motivate and guide us in much of what we do each day.  For example, we would argue many of you as physicians value hard work.  If you didn’t value hard work and perseverance you...

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