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5 reasons why paying off debt can be good for your life.

Being a doctor is hard work.  Many of you work long hours and deal with complicated issues that, in some cases, can mean the difference between life and death.  However, the career of a physician can be incredibly rewarding despite the challenges, but over time the stress can build to a point that is very hard to recover from. 

The stress many doc's face comes not only at work, but also at home, and one of the biggest sources of stress for many is their debt.  In this blog we discuss five reasons why paying off your debt can actually lead to better physical, emotional, and career health.

Debt is powerful.  Sometimes so powerful it takes control of our lives.  Don't believe us?  Take a few months off paying your debt and you'll quickly see the control it has over your life!  One of the greatest outcomes of us paying off our debt is the freedom it has given us to live our lives as we choose to, not as we have to.  The great thing about...

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