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Comparison Cancer: 3 Prescriptions to Cure Yourself From Comparisons

 Let’s face it.  Most of us struggle to avoid looking at others and comparing ourselves to them.  Whether it’s our career, house, car, jewelry, clothing, even children; we find ourselves often comparing our lives to the lives of others to determine how we “stack up”.  We would argue this is especially true of super-competitive people like many physicians tend to be.

Think about it.  We start competing from the time we are born.  It starts with competing with other children and things (i.e. smart phones, TV) for our parent’s attention the day we are born.  Moving on through K-12 education we are graded, awarded, class ranked, etc.  Then comes college – taking entrance exams and getting scored, competing with others to get into the college of your choice.  Continuing on in your higher learning and taking MCAT’s to get into a med school, then the ranking process with residency, and on-and-on into a...

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