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Debt-Free Dreaming: A simple approach to developing a dream that helps you win with money.

Temptation to make bad financial decisions is all around us. 

The Internet, radio, television, newspapers, even our friends and families can have a negative influence on our purchasing decisions.  So how does one who is deeply in debt and wants to be free from their debt deal with all these temptations?

Dream big! 

Dream of a life without debt, and then put it on paper to remind yourself daily why you're temporarily sacrificing in the short term to gain in the long term.

In this blog we'll discuss how to create your debt-free dream and put it into action to help you win with your money.

What's in a dream?

A dream is a positive vision of what could become reality if you focus and take control of your life and money.  We recommend thinking about what your life might look like if you were watching it play out on the big screen.

What would be happening in your life if your debt-free dream came to life?  There are a number of areas of your life that might...

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