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Addicted to Hurry: Do you need to slow down your life?

Last week we blogged about five simple ways to make 2020 your best year ever when it comes to making great decisions about you and your money.  This week we turn to spending time reflecting on 2019 so you can step confidently through 2020.

Have you made it a habit to think about the past year at the start of a new year? 

Most people in this world are in such a hurry to get to what's next we forget to look back at what's taken place in our lives. 

Hurry is not just a part of life; hurry is life for many of us.

We would go even further and suggest most of us are addicted to hurry.

Not sure if you're addicted to hurry?  Take the test by trying one or two of these:

  • Drive the speed limit for an entire day.
  • Choose the longest line wherever you go for a day (i.e. grocery, Starbucks).
  • Turn all your technology off for an entire day.
  • Find a comfortable chair and just sit awake in it for 30 minutes doing nothing.
  • Pull in behind a slow driver on the freeway.

That last one might kill some of you so make sure to be cautious in whichever test you choose!  Seriously though, we are living in the "fastest" time ever known to humankind.  We refuse to wait for anything, anyone, anywhere at anytime.  We are speed junkies!

Speed does have an upside for sure.  Especially in the medical field where speed can mean the difference between life and death.  We're not talking about all things speed related, but more so those that center around experiencing the richness of life.

Kirk Byron Jones, in his book titled Addicted to Hurryoutlines a variety of "sacrifices" we make due to hurry.


Anyone who is a parent can relate to sacrificing patience when you're in a hurry and your kids are not.  Why does getting into and out of a car seat take so long?  You would think someone who is only 3 years old would be a bit faster moving than an 88 year old!  Without patience we become bitter, angry, frustrated, and just hard to be around by most people.


We can also make poor decisions when we're in a hurry.  Ever wonder where the phrase "rush to judgement" comes from?  When you're always running it's hard to see and make good decisions.  Why do you think car dealerships want to rush you quickly into their office when shopping for a vehicle?  Taking more time, you might change your decision!


We also sacrifice depth in relationships, studying a topic, etc.  It's hard to go "deep" when you're in a hurry.  It's no wonder those who are always in a hurry are so "shallow". 


This one is a challenge to grasp for many because we often believe speed will lead to more joy in our lives.  Speed often robs us of one of the most challenging things we all seek in life - contentment.  When you're always going 100 mph it's hard to relax and just enjoy the moment; to be content with life as it is.


Love and hurry are incompatible, and deep dialogue between people is one of the best things about love for one another.  When we spend time in dialogue, especially with our spouses, we generally grow closer to one another and learn more about each other that takes our love to a deeper level.  

What does any of this have to do with looking back on 2019?

Our guess is that 2019 was a blur for many of you because you were moving faster than you've ever moved in previous years.  We love the analogy that suggests our age is the speed limit we are moving through life.  

Remember how long a year felt when you were 10?  Didn't it seem like it took forever - like you were actually going just 10 mph?  Now how does life's speed seem to be going?  For Scott, who is going to be 50 this year, it seems for him to be going five times as fast as when he was 10? 

Can you relate?

Sometimes to speed up you need to slow down.

Maybe 2020 is the year you pick one area of your life to slow down.  Where are you moving too fast that you could use more patience, make better judgements, go deeper to find more joy, and / or have the rich dialogue you might be lacking?

Pick one place in your life you need to slow down, and hit the brakes this year to make 2020 the best year of your life.

We're here to help and would love to guide you in your slowing process.  Click here to schedule a free 60 minutes Zoom call with us to discuss areas of your life where you might be going too fast. 


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